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Bugs & Lösungen

Hier werden wir bugs & Lösungen posten, aber da SOE auch ständig neue bugs einbaut und andere löst, wird das nie ganz aktuell sein.

1. npc redet nicht mit einem
Lösung: einmal anclicken npc und chat : /hail %t

2. man kann nicht in eine Zone
Lösung: teilweise muss man 8 Stunden warten wenn
man grade drin war oder man ist vom level her zu

3. craften: Rezepte falsch übersetzt
Lösung: geht an den Werktisch und benutzt das Rezept, dann ist dort oft eine andere Übersetzung bei den Zutaten.

4. manchmal kommt man nicht ins Spiel von der Anmelde Seite.
Lösung: start der Deti everquest2.exe im everquest2 Pfad auf Eurer Festplatte

5. ..... to be done (sagt uns wenn ihr was findet)

Tips für das Sammeln
Grundsätzlich: früh morgens oder nachts in der Woche findet man mehr, speziell da wo es für kleine chars gefährlich ist.


chat commands

************** Spoiler Erbquests **************

Lightstone : ab lv17
This quest is initiated by examining a "Burned Out Lightstone". This item drops from the Lightbringer Wisp in Commonlands. He spawns at the Ring of Nature near +800, -59, -194. This item drops on his corpse, and not in a chest.

The quest is actually many parts, each with their own reward. Each step upgrades you to a new version of the Lightstone, but the quest name never changed. It is a continuance of the quest at all points.

The first thing you need to do is find someone who needs this lightstone. The person who needs it (though the quest gives you no indication) is Cannix Silverflame in the Commonlands (-310, -362). He is found on the road just outside of the Crossroads. This is a tricky step because the dialogue to advance the quest is found on his second page of text, with the first page of text being the same as he tells anyone if you have the lightstone
or not.

The first thing Cannix will ask of you is to touch the Mourned and the Forgotten with the lightstone. These are both interactive objects in the Commonlands. You right click on them and you will receive an option to touch the statue with the lightstone.

The Forgotten - +172, -45, +260
The Mourned - -590, -49, -632

After completing this step return to Cannix for your first reward (Faintly Lit Lightstone). He will then ask you to kill Rama'nai in the Commonlands. Rama'nai is a named lion at the Ring of Nature, near where the Lightbringer Wisp spawned. He has a pride of lionesses but is relatively easy.

After killing Rama'nai return to Cannix for your second reward (Dimly Lit Lightstone). Your next task is to kill two Orc Captains in the Commonlands:

Captain Gaer
Captain Ogof

After killing them return to Cannix for your third reward.

The next step is to kill the High Priest of Val'Marr in the Commonlands. He is found at the Ruins of Val'Marr.
He is spawned by killing all four mobs south of the ruins at loc +448.28, -49.84, +574.01. Once you kill all 4 mobs either the high priest or his placeholder will appear. If placeholder shows up then you must rinse and repeat.

After doing this return to Cannix. He will then send you to kill General Drull. He can be found in Bloodskull
Valley, which is a keyed raid zone (see related quests).

After completing this task return to Cannix and he will attack you, not wanting to give up the reward. Kill him and congratulations on a Greater Lightstone.

Start the quest by examining a "Burned Out Lightstone". You can loot this item from a Lightbringer Wisp (+800, +195, near the Ring of Nature- hard to see but common enough, have a scout track it, and be sure to loot its corpse- this isn't a chest drop) in Commonlands. The item can be bought / traded too.

Find Cannix Silverflame in the Commonlands (-310, -363, NE of the crossroads) after examining the stone. Advance the quest on the second page of dialogue. You'll first have to right-click on two fallen stone monuments and select "touch with lightstone." The Forgotten is at +171, +261 and The Mourned is found at -591, -633. Return to Cannix who will give you a Faintly Lit Lightstone and tell you to kill Rama'nai, a lion that can be found near the Ring of Nature.

Rama'nai might be your first experience at serious camping. Unless you can catch a server reset (always good when camping rares). There are many theories on how to spawn Ramanai, however after about 9 hours of camping and killing random animals left and right, I'm pretty confident he's on a straight timer. Some say 2 hours 20 min, that Prides of Mistresses are PHs, I couldn't tell ya. On my ninth hour I caught a server reset, logged back in, and killed him straightaway. In any case, you're in for a long one.

When you return to Cannix, you'll get a Dimly Lit Lightstone and the next step, to kill the Orc Captains Gaer and Ogof. Guess what? Another long camp! For us, Ogof spawned 4 hours after he was last killed, Gaer about 5 hours 20 minutes. While you're working on this step, be sure to complete Bloodskull Valley access (see below). Return to Cannix when the orcs are dead for the next step.

Next, kill the High Priest of Val'Marr in the Commonlands at the Ruins of Val'Marr. Keep killing all the skelly mobs south of the ruins around loc +450, +575. You'll be happy to know that this step takes about 15 minutes- relatively fast spawn. Return to Cannix, who wants you to kill General Drull in Bloodskull Valley. You'll need access tho, see below if you haven't completed this step yet. In BV, you'll need 6-12 (all keyed) players (12 if you're low twenties, 6 if high 20s-low 30s). Kill the scout when you zone in, otherwise waves might be sent against you before you're ready. The general is with the orc lineup right inside the entrance.

Return to Cannix, who will promptly be killed by some nasties. Kill the assassins to get your reward. Note that if you're doing this step with a group that needs, only one of you will be able to finish the quest with each go (we couldn't seem to time it right, at least!).

--"The Search for Bloodskull Valley" (BV access)--

Seek out a Wounded Scout at +280, +500 just past the lumberjack's area from the towers, along the shore. He'll give you a list of orc officers to kill.

Commander Dv'Nar - Paths the entire orcs area near to the towers.
Commander Grik'Sna - Paths the entire orcs area farther west, near lumberjacks.
Lieutenant Vrah'Kna - Inside a tower at -365, +450

General Vhar'Taug - Spawns atop the Elites orc tower, possibly soon after the rest of the orcs are killed.

EDITOR's NOTE: We have reports that characters from Qeynos will not have to kill Cannix at the end of the quest.
Instead a group of monsters will kill him. You must then kill the monsters to receive your reward.

Dragoon K'Naae of the Thexian: ab lv24
This is the quest for the Shiny Brass Halberd. It is initiated by Dragoon K'Naae in the northeast section of Nektulos Forest (-1373, +30, -1336). You must be level 24+ to initiate this quest.

The first order of business is to acquire 60 Owlbear Meats in Nektulos. These drop on the Ash Owlbears in the zone. After doing this return to K'Naae.

He will then ask you to collect 60 Undead Skin Scraps. You can obtain these from the undead and patchwork men near the entrance to Nektropos Castle. After acquiring all 60 return to Dragoon K'Naae.

He will then give you a flask of water which you must fill at Behemoth Pond (-226.33, +2.97, -237.49) in
Nektulos Forest and return to him. The return is timed, you have 9 minutes to run it. The submitter made it back with three minutes to spare with journeyman's boots and spirit of wolf.

You will then be asked to kill Captain T'Sanne at the Gul'Thex Citadel (+666, 0, -719) to recover a weapon
from him. Captain T'Sanne is a triggered spawn from a short ring event. If you enter the citadel and you see some skeletons inside at the bottom level, kill them. After the skeletons are cleared a time or two Captain T'Sanne will spawn. He's a level 29-30 ^^ Group mob who comes with two guards. After doing this return to Dragoon K'Naee.

When you get near Dragoon K'Naae you will be ambushed by three Ebon Mask Assassins. Kill them and speak to
Dragoon K'Naee to complete the quest.

Axe from the past: ab lv25
This is the quest for the Polished Granite Tomahawk. It is given by Obsid Boulderboom after you have completed the Words of a Giant and Little Tarby Lost quests (see related quests). You will receive a Cracked Hand Axe and must examine it to initiate this quest.

The first step is to mine ten granite pieces from Wind Swept Rocks in the Thundering Steppes. This requires 90+ mining skill and they are a rare find. Expect to spend a good amount of time on this step. After obtaining all ten pieces you receive a Pristine Piece of Granite, which is used in the recipe later.

You must then purchase a fur stave from a 20+ woodcrafter, and combine the pristine granite + fur stave + the cracked axe in a Forge to create the Dull Tomahawk. This requires an artisan level of around 10. Take the axe to Obsid.

You must now sharpen the axe. In order to do this you will first need to kill 100 skeletons in any zone. After completing this step return to Obsid.

Obsid will then send you off to kill 25 Skindancer gnolls in the Thundering Steppes. This is a timed step, and you are given one hour to complete it.

After killing the Skindancers return to Obsid. You must now acquire the ink of an Octogorgon. Octogorgon is inside of the Cove of Decay. You must complete the "The Cove of Decay - Prison Break" quest to gain access to this dungeon. Kill Octogorgon for your reward.

Ghoulbane: ab lv25
(Note: this is a two part quest. The first part can end with a reward of one of four weapons or you can continue and the final reward is a Sword that is Lore, No Trade)

Quests to Complete –
- Vida Needs a New Broom: Complete this quest to get the Dusty Blue Stone.
- Dusty Blue Stone: This is a piece of the Ghoulbane and at the finish of the quest, you can choose to restore it into the Ghoulbane.
- A Key to the Past: Completing this will grant the Weakened Ghoulbane

- Restoring Ghoulbane: This quest will allow you to reform the Ghoulbane to it's true state and complete this Heritage Quest.

Find Tawli Whiskwind in the Baubbleshire outside of some of the halfling homes and bring the broom back to Vida.
Experience and coinage reward varies by level.
Dusty Blue Stone *Examining the Dusty Blue Stone starts the Dusty Blue Stone quest.
Step 1: At level 20, inspect the Dusty Blue Stone. Take the stone to Gruffin Goldtooth (883, -24, -175) in Graystone. He's up with the miners to the north (near the Oakmyst Forest entrance). He will ask you to go to Thundering Steppes to collect 40 rock samples (Wind Swept rocks only). Note: You must have a skill of 90/91 in Mining to mine rocks in Thundering Steppes.

Step 2: When you get the 40 rock samples, bring them back to him and he will explain that he could not figure out what it is for and asks you to
bring it to a mage. Go to the MageTower in South Qeynos and enter the red portal. The mage (Aristide Calais) (710, 41, 107) is next to Librarian
Dalmas. He will send you to the Thundering Steppes village to speak to Olden Highguard (612, -1, -60).

Step 3: When you go back to Aristide Calais, he says to speak with a priest. The priest (Toranim Skyblade) (533, -32, -174) is located at the far left in the temple of life enclosure in North Qeynos. Toranim Skyblade will send you to Stormhold to kill 25/30 skeletons (any skeleton will do).

Step 4: When you return to Toranim Skyblade at the Temple of Life you have the option of stopping the quest at that time and a reward of one of four
weapons. Or you can continue to quest after Ghoulbane itself.

-- NOTES: When you speak with Toranim Skyblade, he says that the stone was the pommel of the Ghoulbane and speaks to you about it’s lore. He says that the Paladins of the Temple of Light brought the owner’s body and sword down to the Crypt of the Stormlords, AKA, the Crypt of Valor. This is located past the Atrium near the Archer Room in Stormhold. It is a keyed grate on the ground which requires a group of high level 20’s. To get this quest, you must speak with a Librarian in the Stormhold Library.
Step 1: Talk to the Crushed Librarian in the Library in Stormhold. The entrance to the Library is in the Feign Zombie room past the Atrium. There is a grate on the floor that you click to enter the Library.

Step 2: Kill Defiled Squires until update. Kill Defiled Knights until update. Kill Lord Androus, Guard Captain Hess, and Zombie Handmaidens.
Lord Androus spawns in the chessboard room (just kept visiting Stormhold until he is up or keep killing the Defiled Knights/Priests to get him to
spawn). Guard Captain Hess spawns in the barracks (PHs are two Defiled Zombie Knights at the enclave and he's hard to get to spawn). The Zombie
Handmaidens - left door when enter Atrium and first left in the water. They hide in the bath tub. (Took me two tries to get the Handmaiden update)

Step 3: Talk to the Librarian who will tell you to go find a key. Head to the entrance of Stormhold and look by the statue beside Sir Valinayle for a
key. Grab the key and you now have access to the Tomb of Valor.

Step 4: When you go into the Tomb of Valor, Ghoulbane is laying up against a wall. I took it back to North Qeynos and handed in the two parts to Toranim Skyblade at the Temple, and he reunited them.
Speak with Toranim after completing "A Key to the Past". You will be tasked to kill three very powerful undead beings.

First: The Specter in the Crypt of Betrayel.

Second: The Lich in the Ruins of Varsoon. This Lich is the creator which spawns by killing enchanted clay skeletons in the golem creation room. Kill the enchanted skeletons and then the creator.

Third: Kill the Vampire Descendent of Torig in Nektulos Forest. This vampire is actually in an instance called Cauldron Hollow. You will need to have access to this quest and you can find the quest write up here:

Cauldron Hollow Access Quest
The zone only requires 1 person with access to your raid party in. The mobs are group x3 and group x4. Highest level mob is around level 35. This zone requires 12-24 to enter. Once you kill all the mobs, the descendant will spawn in the middle.

The last part I will leave to those who get that far. Here is a big hint, you'll need access to Nektropos castle instance.

Reward: Ghoulbane: Primary Slot, One-Handed, Skill 160-200, Damage 11-34, Delay 1, Health +28, Wisdom +5, Power +28, Strength +9, LORE, NO TRADE

Stiletto Manastone : ab lv28

This is the quest for the Manastone. You must be level 28+ to initiate this quest. You initiate it by examining Stiletto's Orders. This item is dropped on Stiletto in the Thundering Steppes. Stiletto spawns in the river valley just south of the giant / gnoll bridge and wonders across the bridge and on bolth sides. His spawn location is at +485.86, -1.14, +1077.22.

The quest requires one person in the group to have Cove of Decay access. This is accomplished through the Cove of Decay quests (see related quests).

Once someone has access to the Cove of Decay, you must kill Octogorgon. After doing this you can swim to the ocean floor and you will find some interactive chests on the ground. Examine the one that it allows you to and you will find a Partially Decayed Hand. Only one person has to do this.

Once you have the Partially Decayed Hand you must head onto the beach and you will find a Firepit. The person who has the Decayed Hand can interact with the remains in the Firepit. This will spawn a levle 31 ^^^ Group x 2 mob.
Kill him and the quest will update.

You must then head to the Ruins of Varsoon and examine an interactive book on a table in the Chambers (+263, +118, in the workshop of the enchanter).

You must then kill the Weavemaster Esh'Rax in the Ruins of Varsoon (need loc). He spawns in the tailor room. He will drop a recipe for the Shroud of Manastone and the Encahnted Linen of the Weavemaster. Here's the Shroud of Manastone Recipe Info:

Process: Finish
Level: 9
Technique: Tailoring
Knowledge: Light Armoring
Device: Sewing Table

Enchanted Linen of the Weavemaster
1 Engraved Hide Plate - You'll need a good tailor for this
1 Fuel

You must create one.

After this you must kill Varsoon in the Chamber of Immortality, another access dungeon. You gain access by doing the Ruins of Varsoon and Where Will These Lead Me qusests (see related quests).

Haddens Earring: ab lv25

Kerath McMarrin at the Thundering Steppes docks asks you to find Hrath's Journal. This is the quest for the Fishbone Earring. This can be foud at the Tower of Vhalen in Antonica (-1300, +38, +45).

Obtain it and return to Kerath. He will then send you to the Nektulos Forest to take a dip in the Torrent River. Swim upstream towards Timber Falls, and just before the river ascends here is the trigger spot (+465, -3, -1282).

The next step is to visit the northern ocean in Commonlands (-864, -984, it's near a dragon skeleton ribcage).

After this you must swim into the oceans of the Thundering Steppes. This is off the coast to the far west, you must swim way off the map pas the Siren Pyramid and up north to the shipwrecks (near +1647, -44, +128). When you get to the spawn an enraged octopus will spawn. You do not have to kill it, however.

The next step is to kill Lord Everliving in the Nektropos Castle. This requires you to complete the Calling in the Forest quest to gain access. It also requires quite a bit of work to get to him. At the bottom of this page you'll find a spoiler to get to Lord Everliving, which was written by Didious.

After this you must head to the Ruins of Varsoon to kill Hrath V'Tol. He is found in RoV room with Ymeresh Apprentice, which is the Sorcerer's Workshop (+294, +61.57). After doing this you can return to Kerath.

Kerath then sends you to find Captain Krieger in Thundering Steppes. He can be foud at -124.65, -1047.18. He will spawn when you get near and attack you. Kill him and return to Kerrath for your reward.

Spoiler For Reaching Marlthus Everliving - By Didious

To start the quest to get to Lord Everling you enter the zone and enter the courtyard. Careful of the dogs and gargoyles here if you are below level 37ish as they will be agro.

Enter the first double doors on your right and keep your right hand on the wall as you navigate to the chapel. It's easy to recognize as there are servants of Ulgarith or a name like that in there. Kill them all. Eventually Alexa will spawn and start your quest for you, allowing you to open a secret door. Without this step you cannot continue.

Now, ignore all the side-quest click stuff unless you have hours on your hands and head back to the courtyard. Enter the doors opposite the ones you just left and turn left to find the game room (easy to find by the chess board, dart board and pool table) The items will now be clickable. Make sure one of your group members speaks up when they find the note in here as directly outside the room there will now be a candle on the wall that is clickable after they read it.

Once your group member has read the small note you can all click the candle which reveals the hidden door in the wall. Head on in.

You are now in the basement of one of the sister's rooms. Kill Elise's handmaiden (this will spawn Elise up on the balcony), then head up top and out onto the balcony. You'll be fighting on the way if mobs aren't grey. As you get to the top you should see Alexa again and she will talk, starting the 6 sisters lockets quest.


One sister is out on the balcony (Elise) and the others are spawned by either killing the handmaidens, reading a diary, clicking a bookcase and clicking a bed (each room is different). Just keep rotating to each room until all are dead while clicking items and watching for spawns. At one point dolls will spawn and attack your group, be ready.

After killing all the sisters Alexa will appear and inform you that the magically sealed doors in each bedroom are now open, allowing you into the backrooms. You're now looking for the top of a broken spiral staircase, which can be reached in various ways.
(From Deidre's room, leave via the magically sealed door, then turn left and the library will be through a door immediately on the right - exit the library onto a new balcony, then head through the door on the northern end).

Once you're in the spiral staircase room, exit through the northern door then turn right, and off this corridor will be the caretakers' room. Kill them and you will receive an auto-update key. Now head back to the spiral staircase room and take a left instead of a right, off this corridor will be double doors that can now be opened by the person that looted the key.

*WARNING* Upon reading the open book on the stand in this room the guard captain will spawn. Killing him results in an auto-update sword. Place the sword in the hilt next to the bookcase.

This opens the bookcase with ramp going down.

On to Lord Everling. Make your way down the ramp into the wine room. Don't click the wine racks unless you wan't to fight more mobs, they spawn extras (the reward for clicking is a few bottles of thexian wine that are nothing more than regular drink).

Make your way down the main hall, and you'll see a corridor branching left. This leads to two warehouse rooms with dolls - the room on the left has a crate in the back corner that starts the guise of the deciever heritage quest. Continuing on past that corridor (fighting beetles - you can spawn two named here as well that drop some nice gear) you'll find Alexa again at a dead end.

She'll open access to a secret room back in the main hall near the wineroom. Read the scroll in this room and more secret doors will open.

Don't worry if you made it this far you're very close now, take your time to learn all the secret doors.
Through the secret doors you'll find Alexa again. This time you'll have to kill her, then her brother Ollix spawns. Neither drop loot. Explore the secret rooms further until you find a room with two coffins on the ground.
Click the candle on the wall once, it will open a secret door right next to you. Click the candle again and it will open another secret door just through the first one -head through that.

This is the long walk to Lord Everling. WARNING - As you are walking down the hall doors will open from both sides on 2-3 occasions. From these doors 6-10 mobs will spawn on you around level 35-36. Non up arrows and they are cake with a full group.

Just move slowly and pull the globs to you before nearing the candles with arched indents in the walls.
At the end of the corridor you'll find a room with the Juggernaut. Fight him INSIDE the room and while you are fighting make sure everyone clicks the book on the table inside on the desk and reads it to the end. It gives the quest to kill him...

Next is Everling's room. Inside you will find Malthus Everling. If someone walks in he starts the encounter by talking then calls his minions forth (two level 35-6 mobs) then turns Agro on your himself and AE's like crazy.

Silence him with an enchanter and it's cake. Everling himself is green/blue to me at 39.

Kill him and start the guise quest by visiting the places it says to and killing Billy in each place (have to clear PH sometimes and be ready for at least 6 hours of camping unless you're lucky)

This was written from memory so please add your comments as you run into any issues.

I've been there 7 times now and with a group of 6 people we can go from start to finish in 30-40 minutes when zone is grey, so don't fret a long raid unless you're sub 39.
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